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Hair loss treatment, trichologist Olesya Marusich in Kryvyi Rih



A trichologist in Kryvyi Rih is in demand. Its specificity - Treatment of alopecia, hair loss. Trichologist Marusich Olesya Yurievna uses a drug specially designed to stop the action of the hormone dehydrotestosterone on hair follicles. After a course of treatment for androgenic alopecia with a complex of procedures, the hair stops falling out, the growth of new hair is activated.
Video about the treatment of alopecia here

Diffuse alopecia is a trichological disorder characterized by hair loss throughout the scalp. Most often, the pathology develops in women, but it also happens in men, and can begin at any age. More than 40% of women have experienced diffuse hair loss at least once in their lives.

The main cause of androgenic alopecia is usually hormonal disorders: excessive production of the most "male" hormone - testosterone. But such a failure does not happen by itself. As a rule, it occurs due to the following factors:
natural periods of hormonal "changes" - pregnancy, lactation period, menopause;
endocrine system diseases: diabetes, thyroid problems;
taking various medications, for example, hormonal contraceptives, steroids.
Genetic causes also play an important role - that is, a hereditary predisposition to baldness. Usually, oddly enough, the tendency to androgenic alopecia is transmitted precisely through the female line.

Signs of alopecia
For successful treatment of baldness, it is important to timely detect the disease and prescribe measures. However, the first symptoms of androgenic hair loss in women often go unnoticed - the disorder can develop very slowly, up to several years.

Many patients, instead of referring to a specialist, begin to engage in self-diagnosis and the use of traditional medicine methods. This is not the most reasonable decision: folk remedies are not able to cope with the "root" of the disease - hormonal disorders. As a result, women lose precious time and, of course, hair.

If there are signs of increased hair loss, you need to see a trichologist.

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