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Seborrhea is an inflammation of skin scales, which is accompanied by itching, redness, peeling, hair loss and impaired sebum secretion (dry form - lack of sebum, oily - excess). Usually it is caused by a fungal infection, hormonal changes in the body, internal diseases, taking certain medications, reduced immunity.

A thorough examination is necessary to find out the causes of this disease. When diagnosed with seborrhea, treatment will be aimed at eliminating them, as well as the normal functioning of the sebaceous glands. Olesya Marusich, a trichologist at the Marusich Center in Kryvyi Rih, is successfully treating seborrhea and other dermatological problems. Thanks to the use of modern effective techniques, the result is achieved quickly and persists for a long time.

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Make an appointment or(097) 870-51-96
Make an appointment or (097) 870-51-96

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