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When making important decisions, it is often necessary to consult with specialists in the area we need. And if you need medical advice, who should you contact? Recreation and rehabilitation center of Krivoy Rog "Marusich" - reliable help in solving health problems!

The principles of our work are high-quality diagnostics, the creation of comfortable conditions for the patient, the use of effective methods of treatment and rehabilitation. Our staff are highly qualified specialists who continue to improve their skills and constantly take part in seminars and medical forums.

The medical center specializes in the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, nervous system, as well as other diseases and syndromes. Correction of imperfections in appearance is carried out by methods of aesthetic medicine in accordance with European standards.

The use of various methods of treatment in combination allows you to achieve maximum results in a short time, is safe, and the effect lasts for a long time. If you trust someone with your health, then only professionals!

Why are we?

The rehabilitation and wellness center "Marusich" is the best solution. If you are tired of getting sick, make an appointment with a doctor at a time convenient for you!

Make an appointment or(097) 870-51-96
Make an appointment or (097) 870-51-96

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