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Syndrome of deficiency of physical activity

Some parents believe that if their child has a physical deficit, it is necessary to increase the load and determine it in the sports section. Of course, doing sports right is beneficial. However, the basis for the elimination of this syndrome is to establish a regime and correctly distribute mental, physical activity and rest.

Symptomatic physical activity deficiency syndrome manifests itself in:

Heart palpitations;
Thinning of bones due to lack of minerals;
Deterioration of blood circulation;
Lethargy, fatigue.
The first symptom can develop into other serious cardiac pathologies. Therefore, exercise should be prescribed in dosage, especially at first. The specialists of the Marusich center in Kryvyi Rih use effective methods based on kinesitherapy, which is a safe and effective, and what is also important, a painless way to restore muscle tone and physical activity for your child!

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Make an appointment or(097) 870-51-96
Make an appointment or (097) 870-51-96

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