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The skin of the face is constantly faced with the influence of various negative factors that contribute to increased pigmentation, the appearance of puffiness (in the form of "bags" under the eyes), loss of elasticity, due to which the shape of the face may change slightly.

However, fixing these shortcomings is not a problem. There are many ways to restore natural collagen regeneration and production. For example, 3D modeling with mesothreads, with the help of which blepharoplasty is successfully performed (elimination of folds of the upper and lower eyelids). This safe and painless procedure in Kryvyi Rih is done in the cosmetology center "Marusich". Thanks to the highly qualified specialists, the manipulation does not bring any unpleasant sensations, and there is no trace of the injection.

With this method, rhinoplasty is also performed - the correction of the shape of the nose. However, this is not the only method - contour correction using fillers (preparations based on hyaluronic acid) will also help to correct the shortcomings. The cosmetologist of the Marusich Medical Center uses Princess ® line preparations, which are produced by the Austrian pharmaceutical company Croma.

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Make an appointment or(097) 870-51-96
Make an appointment or (097) 870-51-96

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