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One of the facelift methods is threadlifting. It uses hypoallergenic polydioxanone mesothreads. Due to them, wrinkles disappear, the shape and relief in the place of manipulation is corrected.

It is interesting that the mesothreads are introduced in a special way, so that they form a skeleton in the form of a mesh, the silhouette of which repeats the skin collagen. And after 6 months, when the artificial frame disappears, the skin is supported by a natural collagen mesh. For the procedure, special thin needles are used, and it can be carried out not only on the face, in any part of the body that requires correction.

An amazing effect is observed from the introduction of the mesothread, before and after the procedure, the skin is significantly different, the result is immediately noticeable in the form of beautiful, toned skin. And the effect lasts for two years. If you want to get rid of sagging skin on your face, chest, abdomen, arms or hips, and also expect absolute safety and effectiveness, then the Marusich Medical Center in Krivoy Rog is the best solution!

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Make an appointment or(097) 870-51-96
Make an appointment or (097) 870-51-96

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